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Why Telehealth is Important in a Nation.

Technology involving telecommunication and electronic means to dispense information to facilitate and support clinical health care, patient and public sensitization outside the tradition health care set up is referred to as telehealth.A telehealth organization is structured to ensure that professional health-related education and all that revolves around it, is share widely and easily via the use telecommunication.Existence and development of advanced information technology is the backbone of the performance of the telehealth organization.World Health Organization has recognized telehealth as one of the most efficient and convenient method to deliver health related services especially in remote areas.Some of the services delivered through telehealth include; intensive home care especially for the geriatrics and chronically patients and also in emergency situations.

Telecommunication is very diverse and it utilizes a variety of devices which are easily accessible and this makes acquisition of health services quite affordable.Traditional health facilities are often challenged with overcrowding of patients in the premises hence employing the use telehealth organization is considered to be quite helpful. Patients have also found out they end up saving a lot of money when they use telehealth organization as there is no travelling costs incurred.Telehealth organizations also benefits the clinicians in remote areas more so in the field setting as it makes it possible to acquire training and professional guidance regarding diagnosis and referral of the patient.

To minimize biological waste from traditional healthcare set ups which can be an up-hill task to manage can be achieved through using telehealth widely such that the patient are served at their own premises.Telehealth organization has facilitated easy collection of data regarding health issues in remote areas which is analyzed and used to stipulate important strategies in the health sector.The need for telecommunication is increasingly gaining importance as the population grows and the high demand of the health services.Telehealth is most people’s preference in that it requires no special skill to operate.

Transport, availability of funds and the inconveniency of mobility in the elderly and the disabled can be challenging to most individuals which makes them to result into telehealth communication.To serve the patients to the best of their interest, it is unavoidable to integrate the use of internet with the use of telecommunication in telehealth organization.The government in every state has the responsibility of enhancing telehealth organization as it has a direct impact on the citizens who in return contribute to the economic development.It is a requirement that the clinicians and the patients forms a healthy relationship to ensure that the telehealth organization is successful.In the contemporary society, it appears to be so awkward for an individual to spend the whole day seeking health services from a health facility whereas the entire process can be done though wireless connection.

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