Going Beyond Just Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses have been popular for decades. Manufacturers strive to improve the durability and level of support in foam mattresses by finding materials to combine with the foam. Utilizing technology to develop materials has been successful. There are a few new mattresses on the market with warranties offered that extend past the ten-year mark. These mattresses are lower in pricing than many high-end traditional foam ones.


Combining memory foam with an inner-spring layer allows Tomorrow Sleep the opportunity to offer two levels of firmness from which customers can choose. The motion isolation is excellent, and the sleeping surface remains cool. The makers of the purple mattress handcraft each one with a combination of foam and a new hyper-elastic polymer for better support and spinal alignment. Along with many others found online, this review is based on ratings from users who have been sleeping on their mattresses for at least two weeks.

Saatva has introduced a bio-soy foam mattress, while the Harmony Bed is made of organic latex. Air beds have pockets of air below the foam to add support. Some have water chambers that support the foam that supports sleepers.

Where to Find Them

Some manufacturers set up physical showrooms to provide those interested the chance to try out their mattresses. These are typically found in big cities or large regional malls. A few can be found in small town furniture stores, but that is rare. Most are available online at the manufacturer website. The pricing is lower than those purchased at actual locations, but the opportunity to lay down on the mattress before buying is lost.

This can be addressed by trying out similar mattresses in furniture stores, if there are any close to the firmness level of the one favored online. Some stores have an example of what the mattress looks like inside. These are helpful when attempting to find something that is comparable. Ask family and friends how well they sleep and find out what type of mattresses they have. Trials of the new mattress are available, depending on the manufacturer. Some are for 30, 60, or 90 days, while the purple mattress offers a full 100 night night sleep trial.